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Weight loss with Zelnorm?

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Just curious - I haven't changed my diet but since I've been on Zelnorm I've lost some weight. I did not see that in the side effects list - is this possible?
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I also lost some weight when I first started zelnorm.I think it was just because I was going every day and not being constipated anymore. After while though I think your body gets used to this and you stop losing weight. I think I lost about 8lbs that I really did't need to lose but after time I did gain it back and I am still using zelnorm. Hope this helps Karen
I've lost some weight too but I think my weight loss was more due to becoming hyperthyroid from too much meds. I don't know though---I've wondered if the Zelnorm caused the weight loss. I also felt some anxiety and racing thoughts when I first started taking it too.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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