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Weird thing happening with my stool

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I used to have diarrhea and lots of farts.Lately the diarrhea is totally gone. Sometimes, maybe once every few weeks I get broken stools, in bits. But most of my stools are fine. Now...what I am about to say is gross so I apologize but... a lot of my stools are currently very in huge! I never had this in my life. When I poop is like a dinosaur poop. First I thought it was a form of constipation...because it was coming out so hard but in fact it's coming out hard because it is just huge and cannot get through. Is this considered to be normal? Before I had IBS I never got this huge stools coming out of me...don't know, is just weird.... I know it might sound silly, but am beginning to have a problem because it's hurting my rectum when it comes out.
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I don't know that huge stools have a specific cause, but you might look at fiber levels you are eating/taking. If you have a lot more fiber there will be a lot more stool and that could make each BM have more volume and be wider than you are used to.
Thanks Kathleen,I don't know myself. I know men usually have this kind of problem but I never heard of it happening to a woman...Luckily today I didn't have to go almost afraid to go to the bathroom I swear...cause it became painfull...i am giving birth to a monster each time I go! It's weird I don't bleed....yet.I don't eat much fibers though....It might be that something changed with my bowels once IBS started, I have no idea...but it never happened to me before this IBS started. The D stopped then the HUGE stools came. My stools, before IBS, were usually small (in and not just once a day...a few times (up to 7 actually). I never thought that was out of order. That was just the way I was.damn...this last year was just too weird altogether really!
Hi..I just joined the group today. I suffer from the same issue...larger/fatter poops, very painful and bleeding. My Dr. prescribed a topical anesthetic to use befroe I go, but I was told only to put the cream on the exterior of my anus. I think if it is used inside too much something bad can happen. I am taking fiber and it doesnt make them softer in my case. My BMs were never this big until I tooks meds and am being treated for IBS.. Before I would go 4 or 5 times a day and it was loose. Now I go 2 or 3 times weekly and they have been huge. I know what you are going through.
Constipated2 have you tried using a stool softener to help? (Obviously one withOUT any laxative agent in it. Just a plain stool softener.))
i had that before the big monster thing it creeped me out, it blocked the toiletmy reaction when i seen it was "is that human?"
Yes I have stool softners..never helped me much in the past.
Well you might want to try them again and for a few days at least.. maybe they will help this time.
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