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Well did they finally give up releasing Zelnorm in the US?!

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?? Why haven't we heard anything about Zelnorm?I am so pissed, it's 4:56AM and I am up sick to my stomach, so much gas and bloating, and cannot go.Have to go into my #### job at 8AM, can't wait to go, not only will I be sick again today, but exhausted, because I have not been able to sleep tonight.AH!!!!!
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Dude,Why wait??? Why don't you order it online? jgarton244's post (Mexican On-Line Pharmacy) tells you how you can order it without a prescription. Or you can order from the Swiss site: with a prescription or letter from your doctor. What are you waiting for? The FDA? Hell could freeze over before they give approval!
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I just sent an email to the mexican pharmacy, for a price quote.My doctor is a real a-hole, he really does not seem to want to help me, and does not want to give me a prescription for a drug not yet approved here in the US, even though I am almost suicidal from this disease.
Hi Dude,1st word of advice...change doctors...find one that will help you. I just did that after years with the same doctor and the new one is really informed on Z. I don't know why I waited so long to change. Also, hang in there. This is a repulsive, nasty and horrible disease that we all suffer with, and we will get through it. Also, I got Z from Mexico and didn't need a perscription.
You shouldn't need a prescription to get the drug from Mexico. In fact, you don't even need a prescription for the Swiss pharmacy (a letter from your doctor will do). Mexico has less stringent requirements than Switzerland, so I'd try the Mexican online pharmacy.
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