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What are your experiences with artificial sweetners?

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Hi. I'm new, just trying to get some ideas on what foods most of us should avoid. I have been using saccharin since childhood, my whole family has without any harmful effects. I am ok on sweet and low, therefore. But I had sudden and severe reactions to splenda. Since it is put into so many low calorie foods and soft drinks, juices, instead of saccharin nowadays, it has really prevented me from using many of the foods I ate to keep weight down. There was some news media attention to saccharin that had no basis in reality some years back:
I don't know why they think splenda is better, but they all went to that. Also, I notice corn syrup is in so many things. Does anyone know what the effects of that are?summer.rain
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Read this about Spenda.Splenda alters gut microflora sweetners are basically poison.
I believe it was developed as an ant poison...then they found it was sweet.Mark
when I was trying to research what might be causing the diarrhea I came across sweetners and their laxative effects if you have too much. Then I read about all the rest of the problems associated with using artifical sweetners and that it is really really bad for you. I stopped taking them and went back to sugar. It's really quite interesting about how bad they are for you. I took them everyday for years but I don't anymore - the things I read and the fact that they might be making my diarrhea worse was enough for me. I never really liked them but thought it was better for me? It didn't really make much difference to my ibs at the time though.Did they really develop it as an ant poision? Unbelievable.
Chocolate is a poison for dogs. If splenda was developed for poison control for doesn't right away mean it will do us harm.
Hello. I am new hear and straight away see someone with the some problem as me. I went to the Dr today and gave him a list off everything I can't eat long list! And everything I put down had fructose in, also I can't tolarate any sweeteners at all and one of the worst things I have ever eaten to give me bad diarrhea is corn and corn syrup and peas most veg that have fructose in. If you put fructose intolerance in google there is a lot off info.I would like to hear from anyone else that think they have the same problem.Also I would like to know if you get pain what is it like, I don't get a lot off pain but today it feels like someone has kicked me in the stomach.Maddiemo
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