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What can I take for the pain?

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Hello, the last couple of days have been a nightmare. I am always in pain- severe spasms. I have not been to a specialist in several years because I had been in control of my IBS symptoms using probiotics and digestive enzymes. I did however take antibiotics for a case of H.Pylori infection. I have had an Ulcer for some time now but it had gotten worse. Now that I have finished the Amoxillin, I am getting severe stomach spasms and something I had not had before, "D". The only I am taking is Levsin but it only last for a little while. I am going to make an appointment with a specialist (even though my HMO has ignored my cries- Health Net) but I am afraid of going back on anti-depressants. The side effects are horrible. Please Help any info would be greatly appreciated. PS. anyone taking Align?
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who prescribed the Amoxillin? Your regular doctor?Which if I remember correctly is pretty hard on the gut.There might be newer ones that are not so hard on the gut.Since you have a chance in symptoms and a history of ulcers, I would get to a specialist as fast as possible to be checked out.
Thanks Eric for the info. Yes a doctor prescribed the Amoxillin with another Antibiotic and a Antacid (Prilosec). Will I was on the Meds I did not have any stomach aches but from the first time I tried Levsin for spasms, the spasms are very very strong even to the point that I'm in tears sitting on the bowel. Sometimes it's very painful to pass the stool and it is very water but not quite "D". I purchased Algin but from what I read in the directions I could take a couple of weeks to see results. The weird thing is that my symptoms flare up more often when I am at home! I do have spasms at work but not as strong. I don't know what is going on.
Were you diagnosed with IBS and ulcers?Antibiotics can make some peoples IBS worse.Is the pain constant? Where is the ulceration located?With all pain in the gut, getting yourself worked up makes it worse, because the working yourself up, causes the gut to knot up.I know that is hard to not get worked up, my IBS was pain predominate, but try to stay calm as possible. When your in pain your heartbeat speed up, your breathing usally becomes shallower and the muscles tense up in your body and especially in your gut and that makes the pain worse.However I would see a doc as soon as you can. I an not familar with Align so can't help you on that one.does the pain subside when your lying down and more relaxed?
I don't have anything really to add about the pain (Eric is very proficient in his advice
, hope that's the word I was looking for
) but just for the future, whenever my GP wants to prescribe an antibiotic for anything I remind him I want the one that is least likely to cause gut problems (there are a couple out there that are easier on the tum like Eric said, not great but definately easier). I hope you feel better soon
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I take dihydrecodeine for the pain, they are really good for helping the "spasm" pain.
There are other options in the anti-spasmodic category.Donnatal, Donnatal Extentabs(once or twice daily tabs), Librax, Bentyl... Etc...I think that a lot of people have benefited from Librax. Seems when I was reading through the forums, I found that the most positives I saw in the anti-spasmodic category came from posts about Librax.Xanax might have an indirect effect on the relaxation of the intestines by reducing general arousal. (it's actually an anti-anxiety medicine)Brett (another frequent poster) and I have found great relief with this medicine.... You might also try an OTC pain medicine when it gets really bad. I haven't really found one more effective than the other... The best one that's helped me on the real bad days was Vicodin, but I don't have a script for that anymore.General relaxation techniques can also have an indirect effect in the treatment of intestinal relaxation and pain. There are different methods in achieving relaxation.Some people benefit from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, others from Hypnotherapy, even meditation, prayer, and breathing exercises.The key is to hit the pain from different angles, not just with medication, but also combining in one or more of those relaxation techniques and even with diet and cardiovascular exercise or weight training.
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Amoxillin is a potent antibiotic & has probably destroyed most of your bowel flora hence the D. I would definately get back onto probiotics, & natural yoghurt to replace some of the aerobic bacteria. Slippery Elm will provide a soothing musilage in your G.I tract for up to 36 hours, & is also very nutritious. It can be purchased from health food stores & some supermarket health areas. Mix the powder with a little milk or soy milk to a fine paste before adding hot water & stirring. Honey or even a little ginger or cinnamon can be added to taste. Mangosteen juice is a natural antibiotic on anaerobic bacteria & may help balance the gut flora . It also has strong anti-inflammatory properties & may allow both your stomach & bowel to heal rapidly. Heather Von Vorous produces peppermint capsules with ginger & fennel which will be useful for relieving spasms once the inflammation is reduced.
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Hi, is amoxillin the same as Amoxycillin? I was give amoxycillin a few months ago and it set my ibs off terribly.I don't know what kind of pain killers etc you have where you live so i can not help there, but what i will say is for me, the only thing that got me back together after the amoxycillin was a dose of prozac. I don't have depression, but was put on them for the calming effects. It really did help. I would think they would kick in for you rather quickly, they did for me, and then you can come off them before you get too far down the line.Or maybe tyou could get a anti-anxiety. They don't give those here. You get them only in special circumstances.This is what helped me. Lisa
Thank you all for the information. Last night I went for a walk and then did some exercise. I felt good right after. As soon as I cooled off, it started again. So I took some probiotcs with water and it calmed down but I still felt some pain. I had to take Levsin so I could go to sleep. I have been on Algin for a couple of days but I have not seen any results yet. I do take a probiotic made by Nature's Sunshine called "Bifidophilus Flora Force". I used to take it before big meals but I noticed I can take it anytime when I have a stomach ache. I will now carry these with me around the only problem is that they have to be stored in a fridge. As far as the Levsin goes, I think I will only take it when all else fails. I also think that prayer last night made a difference. The pain from last night inspired me to get up off the couch and exercise. Physically I feel week. I spend most of my time behind a pc at wrok and do the same when I come home. I think in order to take control of my stomach I need to look at the big picture. I am going to start an exercise routine. IBS don't get in my way cause I am going run all over you! Thank you friends!
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