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What do colonoscopies rule out?

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What diseases are colonoscopies used to detect? Ive had one (last december) and it was normal. I was just wondering what diseases/problems this would exclude me from? I know i would not have colitis. And maybe not crohns unless its only in the small intestine atm. When i had the colonoscopy it came back saying i had an infection in the rectum starting with p (i cant remember the name) Does anyone know what this infection maybe called? My dr said it will just clear up in time, which i think it has b/c it caused blood in my stool prior to the colonoscopy, but have not had this since.Also i have had a celiac test which was normal, and a blood test for iron levels which was normal and a blood count (which was normal too). I had these tests 1 month ago.Does anyone know what diseases i would unlikey have b/c these tests came back normal? Or if there are any other diseases which i need other tests to detect?
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Don't know the infection you were talking about. I know that when my doctor did a colonoscopy, he also did a biopsy. He was checking for Crohns, colitis, diverticulosis, cancer, and I'm sure other things. You can definitely cross those off your list, though -- although perhaps not diverticulosis since, if I understand it correctly, you could have a small pocket that he misses with the scope. The only other tests that I would suggest, if you haven't had them already, is a lactose tolerance test, a test for your bacteria levels, and perhaps a fructose intolerance test. If there are any foods that seem to give you particular trouble, you could have tests for those too -- although the least expensive test is just not eating them and seeing if you feel better.Hope I was helpful at all!
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