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Hello everyone, I am 18 yrs old male and I have a huge problem that i need help on. For the last 3 months i have been having changes in my bowel. for the first month my stool was oily and hard to pass, then second month to present my stool is a mixture of type 6, 7 and 4 but many type 6 mushy stool with NO blood. i must strain to poop and it hurts my pelvis and lower right lower right abdominal pain when i pass but when i do pass its only small pencil stool with mushy stool and then eventually hard stools.(also i went to the hospital a couple of weeks ago for appendicitis and they said there was no inflammation only from gerd and he said all right side was full of stool.) my bellybutton is sore when i touch it and when i walk my lower left abdomen hurts. I only have bowel movements less than 3 times a week. I eat recommended intake of fiber also drink 2.5/3 liters of pure water a day and i am active i walk everyday for 2 hours. idk what to do, also i cant seem to find something i like to eat and sometimes i dont eat at all. everybody welcome to have their say, any help would be great...thanks, Thomas.

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hi Thomas

hopefully you have a good gastroenterologist to help you with all this.

if you have BMs less than three times a week, you could have slow transit constipation (colonic inertia). the sitz marker test (colonic transit study--sometimes called a shapes study) will diagnose this. there are constipation medications that can help with slow colonic transit--ask your doc. i was dx'd with slow colonic transit. because no meds worked for me, my gastro doc told me to take whatever i needed to go and to take it daily to avoid developing an impaction. so i took laxatives, since they were the only thing that helped.

straining is bad for you--it causes hemorrhoids and is counter productive because it just locks up your pelvic floor muscles all the more and makes it hard to get stool out. straining can also make stools pencil thin.

here is a good u tube video on how to have a bowel movement without straining. it's important to do what she says ---"make your waist wide" and push from your waist and not from your rectum

a lot of people find it helpful to elevate the feet on something like a foot stool, over turned waste bin, large shoe box or a squatty potty. elevating the feet helps straighten out the anorectal angle to allow a more complete evacuation. you might have to do some experimenting to find the right height.

you might want to experiment with eating less fiber. a lot of us on here --especially those of us with slow colonic transit--have found that fiber is not our friend. if you colon is already moving slowly, adding more fiber can just back it up all the more. we're all different but i found that i did better with a diet lower in fiber.

good luck with everything. hope you can find some relief.

ps--love your username
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