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Hi everyone, I am new here. So a little background info about me: Late 20s, from NY, just married, work in finance. I knew I would run into digestive issues at some point because both my parents have them. One respectively with IBS with gluten intolerance (without Celiac) and the other with moderate Crohn's.

So my symptoms first presented themselves with occasional bloating and discomfort brought on by dairy insensitivity, sometimes spicy food or popcorn type foods. I responded to these symptoms by replacing milk I drank with soy milk or almond milk and trying probiotics. This worked for me for a few years. I would eat most of what I wanted, just stay away from milk and pop a probiotic every night.

Then, I started getting more acid reflux -type symptoms as well - heart burn, regurgitation and dyspepsia. I noticed when I drank coffee, ate spicy foods, etc. I would sometimes get acid reflux. So I tried over the counter remedies - zantac, tums, pepto bysmol, as well as Nexium. This would sort of work for me as well.

But now lately, my symptoms have become harder to deal with. I refer to when they come as episodes. Because I feel wracked with debilitating discomfort and pain and then it's just gone. During these episodes my symptoms are predominantly - bloat, stomach pain, back pain and nausea/ acid reflux.

It's tricky to figure out what triggers my symptoms. For instance, I love popcorn. This week I ate a whole bag of microwave popcorn, and was fine but 2 days later felt bloated, and uncomfortable but it wasn't a full blown episode. I'm assuming my symptoms are tried to the popcorn even if they showed up 2 days later.

Yesterday, after not eating much at all until 3 pm (due to activities we had planned all morning and early afternoon) I was starving - I ate a sandwhich, did not eat most of the bread, side salad and then had 2 scoops of homemade ice cream.

Within an hour of the ice cream- I was bloated with stomach pain and the back pain was starting. I thought "ok, just relax. Maybe, it will go away" Because when it's just starting and hasn't escalated to full blown - I'm mostly functional

So I ate some sushi- and the symptoms just got worse. At that point, eating anything other than something really plain would make it become worse which I knew. All night, last night I was bloated, with stomach pain, back pain (from the pressure? - sharp, knot like pains that are pretty debilitating), acid reflux and nausea.

I took pepto bysmol, ibuprofen for the pain and used a heating pad and slept on the floor mostly lol.

In general, I don't seem to have constipation or diarhhea. I feel Iike I am not fully emptying myself during these episodes, but it's not full on constipation.

As I am basically undiagnosed at this point, with doctors just shaking their heads and pointing me in the direction of tests which I have yet to take- I don't what I have and am pretty frustrated. I will continue to seek professional medical guidance but wanted to see if this community could enlighten me at all first.,

Please advise if possible! Thanks!!

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Sounds like your problem is Stress and Anxiety, and of course your gut.

The more you think about your gut issue the more uncomfortable it gets.

Yes, I know it sounds silly but the brain and the gut are connected so whatever you think or fear the gut gets the e-mail (joke) and starts acting silly.

there is tons of articles in the web about it.


This is what I did before I was diagnosed with IBS. AGAIN!!! this is just me..

I got a:

  • Full Blood test: NEGATIVE (to check for Anemia and the regular)
  • Celiac (Gluten) Test: NEGATIVE
  • H. Pilory (Intestin Bacteria) Test: Negative
  • Colonoscopy: Negative
  • Abdomen / Pelvis CT Scan: Clean

NOW!!! All this is too much, but AGAIN this is just me. I personally wanted to have a piece of mind that everything was OK before the final Yo got IBS. Believe it or not I`m still thinking of doing a follow up Colonoscopy 5 years after my CLEAN first one.

My point is: if you are concern about hidden agendas in your gut get tested for everything.
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