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Since I was kicked out of school for low attendance 8 months ago I've pretty much just been sat at home with nothing to do. I'm hardly going out cause I get scared I'll have an attack but I'm trying to go out more. Over the last 8 months I've also been getting over my depression, but now I'm feeling a lot better I find myself with nothing to do feeling more and more useless and I'm worried I'm going to become depressed again. I need something to do other than read and play sims and minecraft all day and I was wondering what other people to do to keep themselves occupied?

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Read something for yourself. Read a chapter book aloud to your children.
Meditate. Dance to your favourite tunes.
Write in your journal or start a new one. Play an audiobook or podcast....
Set up an obstacle course indoors. Do a crossword puzzle...
Make a scavenger hunt for your children.
Plan a future vacation or day excursion....
Play Carrom Pool Mod Apk as well these days.
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