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What do you do?

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This may have been talked about before, but I hope to get some advice. I am running out of ways to help my wife. Can you tell me what you do to deal with the pain and cramps? By 4 am, my wife's cramps and stomach pain is increasing. Taking the meds for pain helps some, but is giving her bad dizziness. Right now (at 10 am) the pain is at level 5, and so is the dizziness level. We will see the neuro doc tomorrow and ask for changes in the pain meds, but she is taking so many, we fear she will damage her liver soon. What are your secrets??
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Thank you so much. I will have her try the technique. We had a rough day at the neurologist. He examined her brain using several exercises and declared that the dizziness was coming from the combination of pain meds she is taking, and the only thing left to do is exercise. Hard to exercise when she cannot get off the couch.
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