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I Have been diagnosised with Crohns Disease 13 years ago. On and off Predisone many times, which gave me sever arthritis in my spine, the pain is terrible. I found a new GI doctor, so said, You do NOT have Crohns you have IBS. Now I was 260 pound 2 years ago. All of a sudden out of the blue I thought I was going through Crohns again, since it was in remission for 9 years, Constant diarrhea, powerful and watery all day long for 2 years, bed ridden for most of it. I lost 130 pounds.NOW, I am so constipated, cramped, and in so much pain, I can not deal with this any more. I was given miralax to drink to help, but it does not. Once I get the bloating gas, and stomach pain, it triggers the back pain.The worst part of this is i can not drink ANYTHING, that pain is unbearable, even with water. I can not eat, there is again much pain. I am so lost, so hurt, so much pain....
I can't sleep and if i do, the pain will wake me up!
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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