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what do you use when you can't go?

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I was wondering what people use when they can't go. I find milk of magnesia or epsom salts have helped me. I try to avoid taking senna laxatives as they seem to irritate the colon. I need some ideas on what to take.
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do you have a certain time of day that you usually go (when you do go) morning?i find it helps if i keep a routine...get up around same time...have coffee, juice and a fairly fatty breakfast...and then i can almost always go before going to work...mind you there is often an 'incomplete evacuation' feeling...but getting some out feels better than getting none out!
Minimum: What do you eat for breakfast and do you have BM in 30 min to 1 hour?I eat Raisin Bran Cereal with Soy Silk Vanilla. Exactly like milk but tastes better. A big bowl. It makes me go but it takes awhile. This is a lot of fiber. If I skip that, I eat about 6 prunes and chew a couple of stalks of celery. That should get you moving. Annem
annem--strangely, for me eating a lot of fiber doesn't i've gone the other way and eat little fiber...dunno why this works for me, but i'll take anything that works!let's see, well, i usually have something with lots of cheese (like grilled cheese)...peach drink and coffee (and a cigarette...i know--bad).i usually eat this at about 6:30 and have a BM around, well, yeah, i guess an hour later...although, sometimes i can go right after finishing breakfast (like right away).
Coffee does it BIG TIME, but the probolem is that it cause very high motility for the next couple of hours (in other words, it kind of does it too well!), as well as an enhanced feeling of tension and nervousness for me. I try to avoid the stuff. Try drinking lots of water for regular relief
Minimum: Your diet sounds fine. For any of your who need a boost, a stool softener that I buy at Walgreen's really does halp me go a lot. Its Dulcolax Stool Softener and I take it before going to bed with a glass of water. In the AM, all is fine. AnnemPS-Raw celery really gets me going too.
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