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As many of us have been long awaiting the arrival of Linzess, their very own salespeople not only resent the drug itself, but having to sell it at such an "inconvenient" time of year. What they don't realize is that being unemployed, perpetually constipated, or both is a lot more inconvenient. Some of them might soon learn this perhaps.

See what they have to say about us here:

Very sadly, Ironwood's own core values include "Act with integrity and humanity, and treat people with respect." Forest Labs says, "Our goal is to enable everyone to feel supported, treated with respect, and deserving of the same treatment from co-workers that we extend to our customers and business partners."

None of that goes on in this thread where they pan the drug and deride us patients.

Contact their bosses and let them know how you feel after reading these insults and derision.

Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Peter M. Hecht, Ph.D., Chief Executive Officer
301 Binney Street, 2nd floor
Cambridge, MA 02142
T 617.621.7722
F 617.494.0480


Thomas McCourt
Chief Commercial Officer and
Senior Vice President, Marketing and Sales

Forest Laboratories

Elaine Hochberg
Executive Vice President, Sales and Marketing, and Chief Commercial Officer
909 Third Ave.
New York, NY 10022
Toll-free: 800-947-5227

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Fortunately drug company salespeople are just salespeople. They don't research or investigate medications. They can write whatever they want. It doesn't detract from Linzess having an excellent safety record with very good efficacy for providing potential symptom relief for many IBS-C and CC sufferers.

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