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What else is left to try

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Here is a list of everything I have tried. If anyone has any ideas of what else I can try to make my life tolerable please let me know.1.fiber pills/powders2.lots of fruit (apples, prunes, strawberrys... pretty much any type of fruit out there)3.miralax4.colace5.amitiza6.anit spasmatics (to help with the pain)7.probotics (about 10 different types over the course of about 2 years)8.some type of medicine that is supposed to kill bad bacteria in you gut (forget the name)9.different types of diets10.pelvic floor excersisesSo no matter what I do I just can't get my poop to come out. It is soft and everything it is just stuck in there. (sorry to be graphic...)
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Great complete list Chrissy! Can you remind us all of your worst symptoms??Have you ever had your pelvic floor muscles tested?
My symptoms are I am always bloated and my stomach always sticks out like a swallowed a beach ball. I am not overweight at all so that is not that problem with that.I always feel like I have to go no matter how much I go. The only time I am able to go is first thing in the morning and it takes usually 3 hours for me to finish. I never go alot at once. It is always long and thin. (again sorry for being graphic)I could strain for hours and sometimes nothing will come out even though I know I need to go I can feel stuff in there.I haven't had my pelvic floor muscles tested. Is that really expensive? What all does that involve.
Those symptons suggest there is at least some possibility of there being an internal rectal prolapse, assuming it hasn't already been ruled out of course.If it hasn't, you should ask some questions yourself next time you see your doc.I'm actually about to be investigated for the same possibility myself, and that was only at my insistence after things I've learnt since I discovered this site, especially from one contributor to this forum in particluar.Statistically, it will be even more likely for you than me if you are female (which I assume you are, apologies if not) and have given birth.Good luck!
I think getting the pelvic floor tested makes sense. Even without a prolapse sometimes people can't relax properly so can't go easily (the sphincters tighten up instead of relax when you decide to go).
I think getting the pelvic floor tested makes sense. Even without a prolapse sometimes people can't relax properly so can't go easily (the sphincters tighten up instead of relax when you decide to go).
Kathleen, would that be what is known as Anismus? Or is that something different altogether?
Looks like, according to wikipedia (so take with whatever grain of salt you need to)
Chrissy have you seen this from the Mayo Clinic? through the "Diagnosis" & "Treatment" tabs especially. Under the diagnosis tabs it explains the different testing for constipation and Pelvic Floor dysfunction. Hope this helps
Chrissy, I am in the EXACT same boat as you! I just lost 25 lbs from exercising daily and I am not "skinny", but I'm certainly not overweight. Some days I fit in a size 6 and others I'm looking for maternity pants. I get to looking about 7 months pregnant on some days. I have tried every method under the sun and have had no success. I have been in so much pain with the swelling and all, I came home from work one day and had to walk past my family and go dive straight into the bed. That was it, I decided to go see a GI doc. I did the Colonoscopy and felt great for about 2 weeks. People said it looks like I dropped 20 lbs! Then it all went back to the way it used to be. I thought I was free and really had my hopes up. But I do have rectal prolapse so I wanted to post and let you know that this may be what you're experiencing. I had my uterus, bladder and rectum prolapse. I had the pelvic organ prolapse surgery to get everything suspended in Jan 08. Now everything has prolapsed/dropped again. It's so frustrating. The rectum bulges into the vagina and you're supposed to put your fingers in there and push down on the bulge to have a bowel movement, but I couldn't get it to work for me. Please keep us posted on what you find/found out. I read so many reviews on Amitiza and that it was the miracle drug for people with the same symptoms as me, but it's not helping me right now... and I've been on it for about 2 weeks. For them to check you for rectal prolapse, it will just cost you a visit to the GYNO. They can detect it through a normal checkup.For the Colonoscopy (since our symptoms are pretty much the same), they did find and remove a polyp, they found inflammation in my intestines and colon and bacteria in my stomach. I went for a CT scan, had my blood drawn twice and I'm going for a SBFT (xray test w/barium) on Friday. Good luck and again, please keep us posted!
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