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What ends remission?

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Hi, I am a newbie here and was diagnosed after 5 years of nastiness as IBS. (By the way, don't you love it when they tell you after al the tests that it's "only" IBS, nothing wrong with you.) I consider myself in remission now from IBS-D, but am living in fear of what will bring it back. Once it's here I know what I can't eat and can't do, but I really don't know why I can do those things now...though I'm not complaining! Does anyone have any ideas? My GI really wants me to believe it's stress, but I have been stressed plenty lately and am fine (for now.) Why do all of these things that supposably cause IBS just stop sometimes? I am a stay at home mom which makes it easier for me because I have easy access to the "potty" as we call it, but I am hoping to get a job next year and I have heard some horror stories here. I have my teacher certification test next month and am becoming a little anxious that the IBS may turn up for that day, even though I seem OK. Any ideas?
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I know how you feel...It is hard sometimes to change our thought pattern after so many years of suffering and never know if we can go here or do that because of the fear of it happening again...IBS will be ok for a while and then it will flare right back up again...Is there one food that you have stopped eating that may have been a trigger for your IBS ? Over the last year or so I have been able to find relief from IBS and the fear has gotten better...but just let me get alittle gas pain and I get really scared all over again...but it is much better then it use to be...It takes alot of work on my thought pattern that isnt always easy to change...just try to work on it on a daily basis and it will get easier every day
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HiI have IBS-D and it forces me to live day by day...Sometimes I think I am getting better,,then BAM it hits full force..As of yesterday I am on Calcium..We'll see what happens...Have you tried going to a gyno to see if your problem is related that way? I am going to get checked for endmoetriosis which can attach itself to your bladder & bowel..resulting in IBS symptoms,,,
I have made some long term changes like taking dairy almost completely out, very limited alcohol, no fast food/fried food. I also take BeneFiber, that soluble fiber stuff, and it's pretty good. But when my IBS is in full swing it seems like everything sets it off. I haven't noticed any real pattern though as to what makes it come back. If I am symptomatic, stress, fatty foods, and alcohol are definitely triggers. But right now I am OK and could probably have potato skins and wash it down with a beer with no problem. (Of course fear prevents me from that kind of idiocy.) I know it will come back and I don't know when. That is the nature of the beast, but I guess I would feel more in control if I knew why and what i did to make it happen. It's like a gastrointestinal #### pun intended.
I have had ibs ever since I had my gallbladder taken out 4 years ago, but the doctor says that is not what caused it. I also had a thyroid tumor and had it taken out 10 months ago, so now my thyroid levels stay messed up. I do not know if this is related or not. I will go from having "D" every time I eat to having to take something to get me to go. Most of the time I just have to eat and my stomach will cramp and hurt until I get every last thing out of me.Sometimes I get real hot and tired after a bout. I try not to go out to eat because I know that as soon as I eat I will have to run for the bathroom. Is this how some of your symtoms are?
Yep, sounds like me when it's bad. I get heart palpitations too, and lots of pain - even without C or D. Mostly I was wondering if anyone else has spontaneous remissions, and why they think these occur. I have been symptom-free for months at a time, but it always comes back. I just wondered if this happened to anyone else and they had come up with an answer that isn't stress or food or menstrual in nature.
Tosha,When I first saw my doctor regarding my IBS we checked two things first, my thyroid and my gallbladder. My gallbladder had been removed months prior but my symptoms weren't consistent with Bile Malabsorption (have you talked to your doc about that b/c I hear Questren is helpful). My thyroid was fine but he said that it is VERY commen that the thyroid causes IBS symptoms. Just some thoughts.Misha
Stress... whether real or perceived. It's a killer.Evie
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