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Hi all, I'm not a Doctor or anything, just a 25 year old lad from the UK and have suffered with this for years, I had to quit the gym and it stopped me going out and basically f**ked my life up! Just thought I would post what worked for me, hope it can help other people too.My problem was always feeling like I needed the toilet, but then when I went I would sit there and pass very little stool if anything and not feel relived at all, I'd always feel full and bloated. I've tried anti-spasmodics to try and relax the muscles in my digestive system (colifac and buscopan), loads of laxatives and changing my diet with no effect! The only drug that helped a bit was the strong laxative bisocodal (this is not what helped me in the long terrm keep reading!)I was going to sit on the toilet about 10 - 15 times a day and passing very little amounts, this is what has worked for me and made a massive difference...I simply resisted the urge to go to the toilet so often, obviously this is harder than it sounds, in the first few days I just had to go after about 2 hours because the urge to go was becoming unbearable, but a few days later I would go to the toilet first thing in the morning, then manage to hold on until lunchtime then again at dinner time and before bed. After about a week I limited myself to 4 times a day and I was having very large, relieving bowel movements. I've been doing this for about a month now and I've got myself down to 3 times a day max and usally have normal large bowel movements and feel almost 100% inbetween! I've joined the gym again and started running which I havnt been able to do for about a year.As I said I'm not a Dr, the other thing was I drink PLENTY of water, like half a coffee mug every hour just to make sure my stools don't dry up! I read that the digestive system removes water so I make sure I drink lots of water and my stools seem perfectly normal, obviously I'm not a Dr this might be BS but works for me! Not sure if anyone else has tried this? Hope people will comment, I'm off out drinking tonight havnt been able to for years! I'l check for replies when I get back!
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