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What If,,,,,,,,,,

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What if science came up with a totally all natural supplement for IBS sufferers, that had no UNWANTED side effects, eliminated diarrhea, nausea, constipation, embarrassing accidents. And what if this supplement left you with more energy,less pain, and an almost normal life that you had almost forgotten what it was like, because it has been so long since you lived it?I have been through it all. I spent many months in hospitals when I was younger, had who knows what given to me as meds, suffered most of my life with the symptoms. Then, in my 40's I tried taking a supplement that ACTUALLY WORKS! I have my life back. I can eat almost anthing I want. I have more energy. I have no accidents, no diarrhea, less constipation than a normal person !!!Immunolin is the name of this supplement.It is not expensive, and it is available on the internet from swansonvitamins.comand from some health food stores.What more can I say, from one ex-sufferer to current sufferers. I sympathize, I empathize, but I no longer am a captive to IBS.
1 - 15 of 15 Posts sounds good and I read your advice on the previous thread. How long did it take to work? Are you still taking 6 caps a day? I have incomplete evacuation caused by loose BM' you think this would help? So far I'm not having much luck with anything. What made you decide to try this product...does it target IBS. Lots of questions I know, but like you, I've been through a lot and would like to feel normal again...I really barely remember how that feels. Your thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks.
Thanks to your recommendation, I started taking Immunolin a few of weeks ago. I had already been taking Intestive for about one month and had seen some improvement -- less D, bloating, gas, cramps -- so at first, it was difficult to tell whether the Immunolin was making a difference. But now I'm seeing much more improvement in my IBS-- no D at all and much better tolerance of all foods -- and other improvements as well. I'll be interested to see what the long-term effects will be but, as of right now, I would certainly say that everyone here has nothing to lose by trying this supplement, It offers overall immune protection and seems to strengthen one's healing response.I will continue taking Intestive and Immunolin and will post from time to time to report on my progress.
dhove & Danna, do you have to take the pills before, during, or after meals...or spread out evenly during the day? Thanks.
I've just been taking one in the morning and one in the evening. The instructions do no indicate that they need to be taken with a meal, so I don't worry about that.
Thanks Danna, that would make things easier. dhove, I'd also be interested in hearing from you as you take 6 pills a more better, and how do you know the right dose or maximum. Thank you both.
Why does the company not offer any information on what it does? All it says is defend your good health. Who referred you to try it?
Hi, I went to the swanson vitamin website and there are a bunch of different choices for the immunolin which one is the right one? How many bottles would you say that you have to buy, sounds like it could get pretty expensive. Do they sell them in any health food stores or just at that website? So many questions...
I buy the Swanson brand of Immunolin for $5.99 per bottle. But Schiff makes Immunolin as well and I think it's the same formula.
Bre and Kitty, I'm not taking yet but here is some info Sorry, I'm no good around the computer...Proliant above makes the stuff...check there. There are also other threads in constipation and the main section that have a direct link I think...obviously my skills (or should I say lack of) won't be able to get you there. Check out the other threads...that's what I've been doing. Good luck.
ok what is immunolin and can this be taken with say blood pressure med and paxil? i really have to know cuz, i'm at wits end, ya know what i'm sayin!? sorry i sound stupid but, this is new to me and i'm lookin for an answer!
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hey, it's katz again, please contact us and let us know about this! myself, i have alot of questions!
katzI can't answer the question about what it is although if you go to google and search for it, you'll find several sites selling it - they should have info. To know if it will interfere with your other medications, you're best talking to a pharmacist - that's their area of expertise. They know about interactions not only of drugs with other drugs but also with herbals. You might want to bring info about Immunolin with you for them. You need to be really careful about mixing medications - even if this is all natural, that doesn't mean there won't be interactions.good lucknancy
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