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I woke up yesterday to work nights, felt fine and started to eat a dinner of fish, french fries and carrots - nothing new or crazy. Halfway through I got crazy, excruciating pain in my upper left stomach. I stopped eating, called into work, took 2 pepto bismol tabs and a zantac. Lots of upper GI pain - burning/cramping/aching radiating through my rib cage for 6 1/2 hours until I threw up. No blood, nothing crazy and the pain seemed to resolve for the rest of the night. Woke up this AM feeling pretty good and decided to try a popsicle. Immediate excruciating pain, upper left and right GI pain. Same type of pain as overnight. Vomitted and immediately felt better. No blood or anything suspicious. I had a little bit of loose stool but that is my norm with IBS and it was not water/gastro looking. No fever, no chills, no body aches, headache other symptoms other than this pain/vomitting.

I had an episode where I experienced pain like this a few years ago and was put on prevacid for a month as I wasn't able to eat anything without excruciating pain. I've been taking pain medication (mefanamic acid) for cramps a few days every month and I guess it can be irritating on the stomach. Does this sound like ulcer/GERD pain or just a simple stomach flu? It's been ages since I've had gastro and I feel like this pain is not normal for gastro...

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