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...Good Advice, Flux. Start looking with work that is directed at the cause of your problem. Start with doctors hwo study this and do it for a living for 20-30 years.Read Brostoffs work...the best place is to get his book on the subject of foods and disease: 08-3420903[/URL] Then talk to the people who have done this themselves...whose families manage hospitals....Like Lisa S., Chairperson of the Nevada Digestive Disease Association who has posted here several times about her remission from IBS and fibromyalgia for 6 straight months so far. Her e-mail is She also can ask privately if one of the other LEAP patients she knows will allow you to have their ciontact information for a private reference. People do not want to be bombarded with calls, but some patients will talk privately on a one by one basis so they don't spend their lives at it. Lisa might ask around who would be willing to call you. That way you know it is not a shill the LEAP doctors sent you or something. Most other patients who have done this simply go on their way. They do not post as they mostly feel "why should they take a flaming for doing it"?Reading what other LEAP patients write by going to the Product Board where such things are posted and looking at the LEAP INFO of course is anecdotal and I could have made them up. But I did not.Also look at what Dr. Pardell found out using it on his patients who rpesented with lower bowel symptoms...and he did not even exclude people who might have some of the other complications (candida? bacteria? actaul humans?). If he had the results would ahve been even better than the 85%+ who get partial to full remission in his practice. His stuff is posted on the website.Also study the work of other doctors in Europe who are looking for preventive methods like this not drug intervention ater the fact. They are in Sweden, United Kingdon, Italy, and other countries workign with idnependent funding and with an immunologic causal they find underlying mechanisms which cause the upregulating neural responses focused on by researchers here seeking drug intervention.And keep looking and asking questions uintil you are 100% satisfed that you have found that this is real...and human...which it is.If you need help on where to search email me personally if you me toll free... send a letter or postcard. Have your dad call the Principal...whoops, don;t work there anymore sorry...But by all means look first. Every patient we have seen in the last 4 years did...and then did not need to look back afterwards. I know Krissy must have looked and asked questions and studied the options for at least 3 months before she went up to Dr. klingsberg in Ft. Lee, NJ who uses the LEAP protocols in his practice. Nobody had nor has any trouble responding openly to her or anyone else.These doctors have nothing to hide...why would one need to hide success?Gotta work workMNL_______________ [This message has been edited by Mike NoLomotil (edited 01-27-2001).]
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