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what is Pirate's Booty ?

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can someone fill me in here
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it's a snack made of puffed rice and corn with cheese dust on it. not bad but a little styrofoamy for my tastes. but easier on some people than popcorn since you don't have the kernels. that helps cna find it in the natural food sections of most grocery stores, at least around me.nancy
They have other flavors too, now. I got some today (the white cheddar--that's the one I like), and they had several different kinds. One was Vegie Booty.
See less See more must mean Fruity Booty! I had some of the Fruit Flavored kind. It makes a good snack. I think it was Orange-Cherry. Kind of tangy, yet sweet with a styrofoamy texture, but good all the same.2 thumbs up!
Where I'm from (Ohio), there is a snack called PuffCorn Delights that is basically popcorn without the kernels and hulls. I love this stuff. And because it's a regular snack (not organic or gourmet, as Pirates Booty is ususally labelled in the store), it's cheaper and tastes better than Pirates Booty. But, of course, there are more calories and fat.PS: Mikesells makes Puffcorn Delights.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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