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I am new to IBS as I started getting symptoms only a couple months ago. It started as everyday emergency diarrhea, then slowed to down to a stop with terrible constipation for weeks, and this week I'm back to diarrhea in the morning and constipation at night.

My question is, what is this right buttocks pain I've had for 3 weeks? It came on suddenly in the middle of the bad constipation. This is not anus pain. This something in the fleshy butt area; the part of the butt that sits on the toilet seat. I have a lot of colon and anus pain, but this butt pain is really bad. It is a very sharp pain and makes it hard to sit, lay in bed or sleep. I have to constantly take pain meds to get some relief.

Could the pain be from a nerve, from sitting on the toilet seat too long, or pulling a muscle straining?
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