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What is this? Really gross problem

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I've posted about this before and thought it was a yeast infection, but tried Diflucan and it did nothing for me. I have a foul smelling odor coming from me when I'm on my period. I am not lying, it smells like a dead rotten bloody animal. I've also noticed now I get clumps of this soft whitish yellow stuff down there. It can't be yeast, b/c I've tried several different things for that. What could it be? I'm really needing help with this and would really appreciate any help anyone can give. I apologize for the disgusting subject matter, Thanks.
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I'd try the gynecologist. There are also bacterial infections down there, not just yeast. I'd have it looked at so maybe you can get a diagnosis and the right treatment. Stuff that kills yeast will do nothing to the bacteria. says some bacteria can cause a very foul odor.
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