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I am going to keep this real simple and straightforward. In other words, I am going to cut to the point. I can always add more information later anyways.

I am a 23 year old male. I have had several issues related to my bowels and digestion over the years. I feel that many have been induced by my own behaviors and dietary choices. This one issue seems to occur no matter what though. (At least it seems that way).

I only consume whole foods with no added ingredients. I get plenty of exercise. I do not think I am deficient in anything, but I have not been tested for this NOR have I been tested for any food allergies. I do not consume wheat. The only whole grain I consume is Oats, and sometimes RIce.

Here is my main issue; Everyday I wake up. At some point in the day I choose to release my bowels. I often times will release a paradigm of a Bristol Type 4 Log. I call these "Max Ideal Logs" since they visually appear to be the perfect log. I usually release this log with none or minimal straining or pushing. They usually slip right out, leaving very little to wipe and a feeling of being "maxed" and empty.

I usually feel wonderful immediately after. This is always short lived though, since my lower abdomen always then starts to rumble a bit. I then start getting gas. I then get a scratching/itching/tingling feeling. These various feelings make me feel very malaised, tired, and weak. I can then feel more stool dropping down and becoming available to be released. To make the aftermath feelings go away I usually have to go and release my bowels one or two more times. Very little stool usually comes out, and it is usually in the form of very small pieces. A negligible amount, mass wise, but very annoying to have inside me.

On some days I will release a lot of these little pieces, enough to make a good sized mound in the bowl.

I usually do not feel well until I get all of the stragglers/pieces out. If I choose or cannot go back to the bowl to release these pieces the sensations usually subside and go away for the day during the afternoon.

Why does this happen to me everyday?

Perfect Log....then aftermath or varying levels of annoyance. No two days are identical, but this occurs everyday. Almost like clockwork.

Please....can sometime help rescue me from this? (Note that I have changed almost everything about my diet and behavior, in almost every direction possible, yet this problem continues.)

Does anyone else suffer from this? Can someone please provide some insight as to what might be causing this?

Thank you all in advance...
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