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What is wrong with me?!

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I am a 25 year-old female and I just started graduate school. As soon as I began classes and working at a hospital, so did this new problem. When I'm in a quiet room with 1 or more people, these LOUD gassy noises come from my abdomen. It happens before and after lunch. I don't usually eat breakfast, and I've always drank alot of coffee, with no problems before. I also recently quit smoking, so my nerves might be a factor. I've always had bouts of depression and a nervous stomach. But this is totally new. It's affecting my abilty to focus, and my self esteem has gone down the drain. I have an appointment with a Dr. next week, but I can't wait that long. I've been popping gas-x like candy which doesn't help at all. Any other ideas? Please drop a line! Thank you!Loomish
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Hey Loomish,I get grumbles but nothing like you describe tho others on here do. I read about one person a little while ago but i can't remember the name of the thread, sorry. Go to the top and click the "find" button and search there. There will def be some posts similar to yours.Lisa
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