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Hi everyone, as I wrote on my last entry that the reflexology thingy has helped me a lot during the past few months esp. in reducing my peroid pain and in turn my IBS during that time of the month. So here I've finally gotten the pics drawn -- please excuse the unskilled drawing, my graphic pen is like 10 yrs old and it doesn't work well anymore...

I'm also adding some explanations to the pics. I understand that everyone's body is different and there are a multitude of different reasons for the same symptom, still, I feel it's prolly worth a try if anyone's interested.

In TCM, one of the reasons for pain (as well as for a certain type of insomnia) is obstruction at a tiniest microscopic level. So when this happens the "transportation system" of the body on the microscopic level isn't working smoothly. (This "microscopic level" can't be equated to anything that's discussed in the Euro-American tradition, as it is a description of not only the cells etc but also the workings of various functions in relation to various environments). Anyways, beyond the scope of this blog entry. What's important is, pressing certain points on the body can improve this "transportation system" and makes it less obstructed and therefore reducing pain.

Now one reason for peroid pain is explained in TCM as in lay person's terms "blood flow meeting obstruction" (Note that "blood flow" can't be taken literally, as obviously there's no artery obstruction or anything like that, but rather, it metaphorically refers to a set of inner workings of this function of the body). [A side note, another more widely known reason for period pain in TCM is "coldness of the body", but if you're like me, tried the heating pad and it doesn't work well or even makes it worse, then this is probably not the reason for your pain]. So the pics and explanations below has helped me feel less "obstructed"/bloated and much less painful.

Set 1: Press and rub these two points on both arms and legs for 5 minutes each (no particular order as to which one is first, I usually starts with the arm). These points (esp. the ones on the arm) when you press/rub them, they are so incredibly sore and it takes determinations to go on. If it feels like that, then you've found the right spot! And do make sure you press as hard as you can tolerate and massage. The arm ones feel more toward the outer side than on the inner surface. I personally find I'd rather go through this reflexology pain than the period pain. Pic shown below [Important: I was brain-damanged and made a mistake on the leg on Set 1. This Set 1 Pic has been changed. Please see below]:

Set 2: Same side as Set 1. Inner side of forearm and inner side of leg. They are also supposed to feel very sore. Personally I feel more painful pressing the lower point on the leg than the upper point in Set 1. But everyone's different. Just keep pressing/rubbing for 5 min. on each point and both arms and legs. Pic below:

Set 3: Note that this time for the ones on the feet (should press on both feet), it's the outer side. Again, these should be very sore. And if they feel that way, you've found the right places! Keep on at them for 5 minutes. Pic below:

Now after this whole self-administered session, I typically feel a lot better and much less painful. I'd still be tired and sleepy than if it's not the time of month, but for me it's much better than not being able to sit/lay still or sleep or do anything else. If you could get some sleep after this, it helps even more.

Interestingly this does seem to help my IBS in some way, esp. during my period. My guess is, for me personally, the extreme peroid pain has made the whole lower ab overly irritated including the colon. So when the period cramps get some relief, so does the colon.

And this plus a few other spots are also starting to help my severe chronic insomnia -- I guess I'm a classic example of an obstructed microscopic system, LOL. But hey whatever works

Hehehe, now I realized that this is getting too long. So, I'll end this entry here and anyone who's interested in giving it a try, hope it works well for you, too! (If you can't find the exact points to press/rub because of the poor quality of these drawings, please DO let me know and I'll see if I could get some better ones. Thanks!)

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