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whats the best anti-dep in th UK?

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I am considering going back on anti-depressants for my IBS-D. I was on seroxat which I was asked to come off as it was suppose to be harmfull to its users. Whilst on it though I was free of d for 2 months.Does anyone know whats the best anti-dep to go on at the moment in the UK??? Thank you
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It all depends on the individual and I don't know all the names in the UK....Typically the tricyclics are considered more effective, but the SSRI's tend to have fewer side effects.Desipramine and Amitrypline are common for the Tricyclics.Most of the SSRI's other than Zoloft seem to all be commonly used (Zoloft seems to be more likely to loosen than tighten things up so it tends to be more for constipation...but everyone varies).What I would do is look the one you were using up and see what drugs may be in the same class.Remeron is a different kind of antidepressant that is chemcially similar to Lotronex and some people have good luck with it (both are "setrons" )K.
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