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Hi willy,I'm sure a lot of us can relate to your experiences. I know I can.I find that , like you I am generally fine when I'm at home, where I am the most relaxed,but the minute it's time to go anywhere I get a lot of cramping and D.I have also gone out and felt fine, until I started worrying that I would have a problem, and then I would start cramping . I would change my train of thought at that point and then I would be ok again.Stress can definately affect your IBS, among other things.As far as Immodium goes.. I don't use it all the time, but I have used it, especially on long trips , and I have had positive results.It has definately helped me stop having D. I have to be careful not to take too much because it can give me C, and then I start having bladder problems as well.Basically , I am saying that it can really help during those explosive D episodes, and especially in stressful situations , when our symptoms seem to intensify.Another thing I do is suck on Altoids peppermints.They calm my stomach and eventually, they stop the cramping I sometimes experience while I'm out.I always carry them in my purse.These are just a couple of suggestions for you.There are other options as well..You know as you experiment, what works best for you.I hope you feel better, and get the D under control.Take care,Jeanne
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