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What's the deal with Imodium??

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So here's my deal -- About 2 years ago, I had a horrible experience -- dunno what happened -- but I was on the bus and all of a sudden I felt a BM coming on. I got off the bus, felt a bit better. Got on the next one, no prob. I get to my train and the **** hits the fan, no joke. I scramble like a maniac as my wife will confess until I finally get to a restroom. I do my business. Explosive D, might I add. And off we go to my home. Since then, as far as I can tell, I've been royally screwed. Dunno if this situation was the cause of what was to follow or not, but it's the obvious candidate for the trauma. Anyway, I've had these feelings---upon reading many posts on the board-- I'm still not sure I would describe them as pains. Basically, for lack of a better term, I get the feeling I may #### my pants all the time. Do BM give me momentary relief? At times. But frequently no. So me and my fiancee at the time discounted it as some sort of stress related to getting married. Anyway, that went off without a hitch.Throughout this period, I've been to my GI several times. FIrst they gave me the stool test--no dice--no mucus--no nada--all's good, although I swear the stuff's yellowish many times---next they tell me to go nuts with the metamucil/then they switched to citrucel. So I take the stuff--yum--like tang--and no improvements. My new bride had been very understanding but it frustrates her as it does me. Anyway, last time in the doc gives me a prescrip for nulev i think and I've only been driven to use it once (I am paranoid of any medicines and I'd rather have a poddy problem than a cardiac one, if you get my drift). Anyway, whn i used it---it did little except stall the knee-jerk **** need I was feeling, until I got to a restroom. And then another explosive D.Interesting side notes---which also make my IBS (I have been formally diagnosed) hard to swallow for others---These feelings of #2 coming on are usually worse when I'm with people. When I'm alone, reading a book or listening to my CD player during my commute, no problem. I had given up on the citrucil, but I'm going back on although it seems to have little effect. When I'm home, I can go without a BM for 12 hours or so. When I'm out, I guess mu mind gives me the heeby-jeebies and I freak out and have to go many times. But even this is hard for me to believe--I've tried the whole self-relaxation thing many times to no avail.OK, I know I took the long way to my question but I guess it's good background for whoever can help and damnit it just feels so good to actually type this stuff and get it out of my system. very therapeutic. ANYWAY, so i have this buddy, who tells me that he also has IBS. Now this does not make me happy as this buddy of mine is notorious for chasing down chili cheesedogs with a blue slushee. And i think, hey my diet is pretty well-balanced. Anyhows, he tells me I should just pop a few Imodiums when I feel I have to go constantly. I have never taken his advice, and when I asked my GI, he said it could actually make things worse.SO, if anyone out there can tell me whether or not Imodium sounds like it might do the trick for me, PLEASE let me know.By the way, I've eliminated caffeine from my diet and have started drinking camomille tea.Little effect, have i noticed. Pardon the yoda affectation.I have also gone through the whole go to toilet before you go anywhere, and again before you leave period.
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If you have a Dollar Store, they are cheap! I can get a lot of things like this WAY cheaper at the Dollar Store, than I can at Wally World, K-mart, or Target, or any drug store!I think a lot of persons seem to have this thing against going to "A Dollar Store", but I sure don't because it saves me cash!! I get all of my cleaning supplies, washing powders/liquid, shampoo, conditioner, cough medicines, tylenol/aspirins, etc....there as well, and they also sell some boxed and can foods, just like Wally World and K-mart do!The bad thing....Immodium, of any sort, does not work for me. Nor does Pepto Bismol, Kaopectate, however spelled, and most of the prescription drugs either! After 18 years of this it would be fantastic to find something, affordable, that actually worked completely!
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