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Hi all. So I have started taking CBT and social anxiety therapy at my university's psychological clinic, and I have my next meeting Monday night. But I still have IBS problems.... I'm not entirely sure it's all related to diet, but some of it has to be. I am currently taking 40mg Prozac and it seems to keep me in a pretty good mood; doesn't always kill the anxiety though. I am also taking ferrous sulfate (for my iron deficiency), B-complex vitamins, calcium and vitamin D, and Accuflora. I have noticed in the last couple weeks that my stools are more formed than they used to be, which is good. But I still get gas and cramping, and it drives me crazy! I'm not sure what to do. I try taking enteric-coated peppermint capsules but they don't seem to help much. Just a while ago I had terrible cramping and gas. I wonder if it's something I ate... but then again, I can eat similar items and not get the same reaction.HELP.
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