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Which Dr. should I go to for anti-anxiety meds?

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I've been trying to avoid anti-anxiety meds for years but it's gotten so bad that I need to break down and get some. I used to be fine before my IBS started many years ago. My gastro said she doesn't prescribe anti-anxiety meds. Should I just go to a reg. family Dr., Psychiatrist or something else for the medication? Thanks!
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I'd start with the family doctor. Depending on the situation they can decide if they can help you, or if you need to have a specialist work on you with the problem.
i would see a pyschopharmacologist for anti anxiety meds. he/she will do a complete evaluation based on your medical and emotional history. then you and he/she can discuss your options.
Start with your family doc, but a psychiatrist may be better and can recommend other solutions for coping as well.
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