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(I'm an IBS-D) This mostly happens to me at night. My husband thinks it is terrifying and is convinced I need to go to the hospital! thank god I dont have too much gurgling during the day, I used to have that in High school, but luckily no more, it would be really embarassing in my tiny grad school classes! but generally I am ok in the morning and get progressively worse until I go to bed and then wake up "ok" the next day. I can sometimes keep the gurgles/bloating/gas down if I eat very small meals and keep the whole day of eating less than 1100 cals. Its hard, but I'll do anything to stop this nasty IBS-D! I try to only eat 300 cal meals and a few 100 cal snacks a day. I also try and have a liquid day once and a while to ease all of my tummy issues!!!
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