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I know it's not me, but I want all the gurglers to come in here, lol. I always get it after I eat and it's like right at the top, mostly left near the rib, but just below, isn't that where the stomach is supposed to be? Anyway when I expand my stomach lieing down and then press down on it this gurgling waterbottle sound happens. I also burp a lot too after eating and it makes me feel better, but only for like 5 seconds! When I stand up, I feel very swollen and the food has not gone down feeling. Are there any other people like this? I read lots like this on here but I want everyone to come on this board - gurglers unite! Tell me also if you are constipated or have diahhrea predominant or only this! I am chronically constipated - dependant on laxatives.
I have constant gurgling and sometimes it's really loud and it's as though I can feel my intestines move this makes me very anxious I also get alot of flatulence .it's takeing over my life.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts