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I have constant gurgling and sometimes it's really loud and it's as though I can feel my intestines move this makes me very anxious I also get alot of flatulence .it's takeing over my life.
I have experienced this noise and feeling.
My IBS actually started the day I had a major gurgling sound and movement. But it was more than just gurgling, it was like a really loud set of noises almost like a washing machine.
I was in a class that day and people turned around to look at me, I just started giggling a bit at first because I thought it was funny, I had never heard a washing machine noise come out of me. The other students (grad school) looked at me quizzically, like they couldn't believe what they were hearing either.

I remember being nervous that day, something important was due and I had not remembered it. It was optional assignment, but everyone else did it, so obviously, not really optional.. And I was calculating in my head if there was a way I could turn it in even at the end of the class, and my stomach started making that noise as I wondered it.

I have had a few other times during my IBS where it made that gurgling sound, but never that strong or loud, just enough that I could hear and maybe sometimes a few people directly beside me..
In my case these sounds and the movement I feel of my stomach/intestines usually did link up with feeling nervous or anxious.

Even though now I don't suffer form severe (and life obstructing) food intolerances or diarrhea and leaky gas attacks, I still sometimes (not very often) feel my stomach or/and intestines move a bit when I'm nervous.

I've also noticed, that I can kind of squeeze my stomach (like beyond just sucking in your stomach).. But I stopped trying to do that as I don't know if it was a precursor to what may have contributed to my IBS starting ( had used that technique to control my hunger and fasting periods about 1-2 years prior to my IBS starting).
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