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Hi, had to register and mention this, because recently I was curious about it. It goes away when I eat properly, especially organic food <-- In the past this was the ONLY way I got over my IBS. (Also, my psychiatrist believes one should look at anxiety issues (I am on Seroquel XR, Lamotrigine and Lexapro which helps anxiety/depression/bipolar) behind IBS and treat anxiety not the IBS purely).Anyway, yes, below the left rib, I find if I press and play with it I can relieve some of the gurgling. I believe it is the SPLENIC FLEXURE of the COLON, and in bad scenarios it is SPLENIC FLEXURE SYNDROME(?)I'm not a doctor but I did Biology at college so, I may not know that much but I don't think it is the stomach, I don't think it's spleen, kidney or pancreas because I don't think you can "massage" them like you can do your intestines (my Dad's a doctor and when I have indigestion he "taps" on different parts of the intestine on my body to detect gas buildup... unfortunately he's not living in the same country as me now so I can't ask him about the splenic flexure).When I "play" with what I think is the splenic flexure, I can feel like a little "popping" when I press my finger across the bottom of my left rib. So not just under my left rib, but putting my finger under and *against* the bottom part of the actual bottom-most left rib bone. This feels like "popping" some "stuck" gas. About 30 minutes to 60 minutes after this usually I am able to pass gass or pass motion, I feel the gas/colic gradually move down the colon over time.Again, organic food, gluten-free and dairy-free diet can help immensely with all aspects of IBS, as I'm sure a lot of you have heard. Well, I vouch for it personally, FWIW.Take care.
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