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Whose doctors followed up with them after their colonoscopy?

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I recently had a colonoscopy and my G.I. doctor diagnosed me with Irritable Bowel Syndrome although my symptoms do not fit the criteria; that is a huge weight loss on eating 1800 calories a day, severe dehydration from being in a semi starvation state, (loss of sodium) and 3 a.m. bowel movements that wake me up from sleep! There were G.I. doctors on the internet who said that if these symptoms existed, they are NOT indicative of Irritable Bowel Sydrome. I told my G.I. doctor this but he ignored what they said. I am very weak from all the bowel movments. On the 1800 calories I eat every day I would say I am absorbing 200 calories max. I'm pretty much housebound from the weakness from all the food going right through me!Right after the colonoscopy he said I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome, but he offered absolutely NO followup for me or any kind of ideas for some symptom relief! (Multiple huge bowel movements)Has this been the experience of others on this forum? That is no help after the colonoscopy? This does not seem right to me!Thank you, Diane-2
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Mine did not follow up...................he was just there to do the test and say nothing was there. I had to go see my regular doctor.................but you'd think the proffesional GI would have more to say and offer better advice?????
Switch doctors. My GI doc is willing to treat whatever symptom I have - I just have to let him know what the current symptoms are. He advises diet changes, checks on my emotional state and general well-being. He does more than administer the test, he cares about the patient.
not to be all about me me me BUT....are 3 am BMs indicative of something serious? i've been having that happen frequently (much to my dismay)...any words about the night poops? i hate it...its giving me anxiety about going to sleep...not knowing whether or not i'm going to wake up nauseated then go to the potty 3 times in an hour...then i can't get back to sleep because i feel so crummy....wah!mm
You sound alot like me and I have been fighting this since 1999. Look into a term called Steatorrhea -- I suspect this has been my problem all along (inability to digest fat) -- I also had a colonoscopy with no findings and the usual - "Go eat more fiber" advice. Today I am scheduled for Abdomininal Cat Scan. I am convinced after reading about Steatorrhea I have it -The description of the stool fits me to a tee-- I'm not sure of your symptoms but this certainly may be something to check out - I wish I had known about it back in 1999 - Once I complete the 72 fat test , have this scan done and another colonoscopy with some biopsies they should know what the prob is. There are many diseases and disorder that can cause Steatorrhea - anything from Pancreatic Cancer to a worm infestation -- I have also lossed alot of weight as well.I wish you luck in your search for answers.
Cathyrnjane,Good luck on finding on whether you have steatorrhea or not. I don't have this having been tested for it. I should have posted up higher that I have documented yeast OVERGROWTH as a cause of my IBS. Per alternative type physicians although traditional physicians like the doctor who did my colonoscopy do not believe in yeast as a cause of IBS/diarrhea. I have been on multiple antifungals, and each helped a bit, BUT I would get retested and the yeast kept mutating to a different strain. (Great Smokies Lab) Diane
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