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wiping blood (sorry, I know it's icky)

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I had a few bm's this morning, nothing really hard, just little, thin, soft ones. And I'll wipe all day b/c they're seemingly never finished, there's always something to wipe. Well, it's been a few hours since the last bm and I went to the bathroom just to urinate. When I wiped my bottom all there was was blood. I wiped again and still blood, and again. I kept thinking it would stop. I'm not leaking blood, and it's not dark, but it's not bright. Jsut a weird occurence I wanted to share. Any insight is appreciated. Thank you!mags
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it probably is just what poopster says, a hemmie or tear. especially if you're having lots of BMs and wiping - probably irritated it. This happens to me although it's typically after a hard BM. But the blood is always bright red for me. TO be safe, you should talk to your doctor. When this first started happening, I called and they got me in right away and eventually even sent me for a flex sig even though I had the IBS history and we were pretty sure it was just a tear. And it was (actually healed by the time I had the sig). but blood can be a sign of something verys erious so better to at least check in. and at least the doc doing th sig was excited to be able to see a healthy colon for once!
Nothing external and I don't remember any pain when I went this morning, not the seering horrible pain of a hemmy being made or reopened. But it could certainly be that, just without the pain. Thanks for replying!
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