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Wish Me Luck - New Job

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Well tomorow is my first day in my new job.New situations are often a trigger for me (people who know me would find this impossible to believe as outwardly I'm the most self-confident person!), so it'll be no breakfast and a couple of immodium for me before I set off tommorow morning.As if starting a new job wouldn't be stressful enough without having the added anxiety of worrying about an IBS D attack. Have been pretty good for the past fortnight except for a breif attack on Sunday evening whilst down at a pub with freinds. Ho hum. Wish me luck...... (I'll let you know how I fared tomorow)
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Hi, I have been reading this board for some time now. Just wanted to let you know that I am starting a new job tomorrow and I am scared. Not of the new job, because I think I will like it, but because of the ibs-d. I too will be loading up on immodium.
Both of you - good luck on your first day of work! Let us know how you made out.
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Good luck to both of you tomorrow------------------�� wherever you go there you are
Hey,I started a new job today. Even though it is just a summer job doing custodial work at local schools, I was still really nervous. Mainly because I haven't worked full time since November (because I went to school last semester) and this is a full time job.I made sure I ate well and got plenty of rest the night before. The hard part was getting up at 6am (early for me). I was a little panicky at first but once I got there, everything went fine. No "D" but I did go to the bathroom twice in the morning.You know what, think positive, and you'll be fine. May I suggest that you try not to skip breakfast. I always find that if I eat something simple (applesauce is what I eat) before, it will help your nerves and it shouldn't cause you any problems.Good luck and let us know how it goes.
Good Luck to all of you starting new jobs! I hope to be in that position soon too. Just sent out a whack of resumes again today. I only wished the immodium would work for me!Again, good luck!
Hey back home from work.Really, really good day. Went in the morning prior to work, took the immodium, NO PROBLEM AT ALL!!!!! Maybe I'm getting this IBS lark cracked after all. I think it helped that there were other people starting today and when I got there they 'looked' more nervous than me. I found that quite settling.Wonderful feeling to be normal. Hope it lasts a while!
DunnyRunner - glad to hear it! So glad your day went well! Do you think you're going to like the job? Hope so...
Good luck, dunnyr. What are you doing? In your first post, you said you had finished what we Yanks consider "graduate school."Keep us posted and let us know how its going!
I'm so pleased everything went OK for you, DR. How are things going for the rest of you?
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