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women with ibs

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on-line survey from UNC at guess only women have hormones?tom
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your link didn't wor for me, but I was able to find the study and took the survey.and Tom, you found out our dirty little secret, only women do have hormones
seriously though, this study is looking into the effects of female hormones. maybe they'll do one on men?I do wonder about the survey methodolgy - how are they coming up with participants. Since I was bale to jsut go on, it didn't seem very random to be. i wonder if they are more likely to get women who percieve their IBS to tied very closely to their menstrual cycle. I don't for the most part.nancy
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Like Nancy I couldn't get to it using Tom's link, but found it too. Here's the link that will get you to it directly: Couldn't take part because I don't live in the USA. Have always thought my hormones hadn't that much to do with my D, but I know there are a lot of women who do have more problems with hormones and IBS.Fay
I assume it will be biased in a lot of ways as most surveys are. I was just joking in a way about the gender thing but I think the issues are important for men as well as women. For example, zelnorm was delayed because of possible risks for ovarian cancer, I think but testosterone levels are important for both sexes and I'd like to know if I need to add viagra if I start on zelnorm?tom
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