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I too suffered for years with IBS-D, but no longer. After years of GP visits and Gastroenterologists telling me I had IBS, I sought the help of a naturopath. After a few tests I was found to have high levels of Candida (yeast) in my intestines. I immediately started a detox, which included a combination of probiotics, antifungals, and enzyme therpay, and I have been IBS free ever since. I started feeling better about 3-4 days after I started the therapy and now am on maintenance. Still take probiotics and enzymatic therapy, to maintain good intestinal health. This worked for me, but if anyone seeks help from a naturopath let them find the right therapy for your symptoms. It took testing over 20 different antifungals before one was found to balance out MY system. Everyone is different so one pill does not cure all. Seeing a naturopath was the best thing I ever did. I will never live with IBS again. Signed cured and happy!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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