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Hi Gracefully~Don't worry about your change in bowel habits. Everyone is different, but for some people, the symptoms can swing from one extreme to another for a very short time - and you can also sometimes "detect" severity changes in symptoms. What is happening is that your subconscious mind is playing out a balance. You are doing what you are supposed to do - some folks have it go by rather unnoticed, and others like yourself and myself as well, notice the nuances and changes in bowel habit as the body readjusts and tries to balance things out.Now remember too, that graduation time can be extremely stressful for most people, as well as starting over in a new time of life. This can produce IBS type symptoms in even non-IBS folks, so don't put too much stress on this, and just keep on listening to your sessions. Having a reaction to stressful times is normal. Your anxiety is high most likely for two reasons - one is normal stress related anxiety due to the graduation, life changes, as mentioned, and also, because you are reacting to the changes in yoursystem as your body balances things out. Even poeple taking medication sometimes have an adjustment period, so don't worry or be alarmed by this stuff for now.A gentle thought - what I do when over loaded with stress, is that I will listen to my session an extra time to help calm me down. If you are able to get some time to do this, especially before graduation time, just mellow yourself out a bit, and this may be helpful.Also, know too, that you will come through this fluctuating time, it will pass as your body and mind sync up, and the positive thoughts get stronger, and healing continues to grow -Hang in there, and also, I will keep a positive thought out for you to have some calm time, and a good graduation experience while feeling great. It will all come together nicely - enjoy this time in your life - you will be better, you'll see!!
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