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Courtney,I'm with Weener. Walking, swimming and lots of slow stretching works best for me. If I get too aggressive (and I wish I could), I pay for it dearly. For instance: Back in August I joined a small exercise place near where I live---it's called Curves for Women. I made a committment to myself that I would go 3 times a week and more if I could. They have a fun exercise program and the time goes fast. Their "weight machines" are hydraulic action instead of having to change the weights, etc.---there's no adjusting them. They give you gentle resistance. Then, in between the machines are Rubber pads where you can jog in place, etc. to keep the heart rate up there. It's 1 minute on the pad and then 1 minute on a machine. Two complete circles of all the machines and pads takes 30 minutes. Well, I discovered even that type of gentle exercise makes my neck and shoulders burn. Of course, even when I walk they burn; especially if I swing my arms a lot. So---easy does it, or you'll pay for it.And yet, my Doc told me that it's important to move because by moving and gentle exercising, you are supplying oxygen to the muscles. For some reason, Fibro people can not carry the oxygen to the muscle tissues normally.. And without proper oxygen---they cry out. Makes sense.
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