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Works Christmas Meal - IBS

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Hi I'm new to this site.

I got told I have IBS around a year ago after three years of tests for different things.

I have been working in the same job for three and a half years in a small office. Everyone knows I have problems with my stomach - not details but they are aware that I see a specialist and have to be very careful about what I eat as lots of food make me unwell.

The works Christmas party has recently been booked and we were handed a menu to choose from which only had 2 starter options, 3 main meal and 2 desserts. Basically from the menu the only thing I could eat was one of the starters. When I spoke to my manager to say I'm not able to eat any of the food she was very shocked asking typical questions ("can't you just eat this/that) I explained that if I did it would make me ill. I asked if she would be able to ask if the restaurant would do anything else for me which she later came back and said they wouldn't.

By this point she started getting quite funny with me saying things like "Why can't you just eat this?" "what do you want me to do". When I suggested that I wouldn't go she was funny again telling me my boss would be really annoyed if I didn't go.

I got upset at this point - I also suffer with anxiety and take medication for this which she is also aware of. When I got upset she kept telling me I was being really silly.

In the end, she said she would speak to my boss and see if they could change the venue. She later come back and told me its tough luck, that's where we're going, they can't work it all around me and if I don't want to go then don't go!"

I feel quite offended by what has happened after working here for so long and do feel like I have been excluded. I don't really expect them to have to plan everything around me but knowing I can't eat certain foods and bearing in mind there are only 5 of us working here, you'd think they could consider everyone and check with everyone first - as they have done every other year since I have been here!

I feel quite uncomfortable at work at the moment given what's happened and I know that the day of the Christmas meal (last day of work) everyone will be leaving early for it and I will be left on my own. I also feel like everyone thinks I am just being extremely awkward and that there is nothing wrong!

Has anyone experienced anything like this before?
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