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Hi friends

I would like to excuse for that my English is not so good .

I'm 30 year old man,I live in Swiss and Bulgaria.I had IBS-D when i was 20 year old.I had IBS because in this period i take a lot of antibiotics for some stupid infection and then came my problems with Bowels.

If I eat some food in the restaurant immediately I have diarrhia and pain.Sometimes 20 times.

I went to different doctors in Swiss,Germany and Belgum.I lived in strict diet(only meat,and wheat products)

they make all type of exams and test.And they said that I'm health.

Only when I was in Belgum one very famous professor,who make research only for IBS disease give me variety treatments,every time 3 different treatments,and i go in Belgum every 6 months,for the other doctors I Was just healthy men.

Yes i try L glutamine and many thinks but one antidepressant give me new live.After 6 month with this medication i eat every kind of food,even alcohol without pain and diarhhia.

Unfortunately before 2 month in one good restaurant i had diarrhia and my problem start again.Only diet,pain and diarrhia if I eat some different food.Maybe the food there was not so good, but I still take this drug now the effect of this antidepressant is gone.

This time I can't believe that i can take my life back like 3 mounts ago .I'm suffer,very despairing and big depression ,I speak with my professor but in this situation i can live any more.

Now I only pray to GOD,nothing else.
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