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I'm just putting this out there, in case there is anyone else suffering, like I did with Levator Ani Syndrome. I have chanced upon a solution which has stopped the pain in it's tracks the last 3 times it's started.

I'd better describe the symptoms, in case you're not sure if it's the same thing as you're experiencing, here goes....

mine starts with a dull ache in my back passage, sometimes deep inside and other times just around the "entrance" (how embarrasing is this!) Anyway, the ache increases in intensity until I can hardly bear it. At it's worse, it lasts around 20 -30 minutes and then slowly subsides. At it's worst, it makes my feet and toes tingle, I feel hot, sick and and slightly dizzy, which I think is due to a drop in blood pressure. It feels like a build up of immense pressure that will never stop and as it's deep inside you, there's no way of getting to it. Afterwards, I feel beaten up, tired, headachy and always a lot of wind to belch up.

The only way to ease it before was to curl up in a ball and rock, or sit in a hot bath. I'd read somewhere that inserting a finger and massaging inside could help and once, when I thought I would faint if the pain continued, I did this whilst in the bath and it did help, but it certainly wasn't pleasant! So, my discovery....

My sister had haemerroid sugery which left her anus scarred and tight, so was given something called anal dilators to effectively stretch the opening. She hadn't used the largest one, so it was still in it's packaging. I had an attack while staying at her house and when I described what was happening to me (basically a muscle inside the rectum going into spasm that needed massaging like you would stretch and rub any muscle that's cramping) she suggested I try the dilator.

Again, not pleasant, but when you're desperate and all that! Within 30 seconds of inserting the dilator and moving it round in a small circular motion, the pain stopped. Just like that! I have used it twice more in the last couple of months and it's stopped the pain in it's tracks both times.

How easy these things are to get, I'm not sure, but I felt like I had to share this. If it helps anyone else out there who's suffering, happy days.
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