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Hi all, I've been a member of this board since 1999 and have been suffering with IBS for 10 years. I 've tried all the miracle cures that don't work and I've had all the tests that don't help one bit. I've been on 15 mg of remeron for over two years with some improvements, but I'm not here to talk about that. At this time their is no cure for IBS, but there are ways for you to improve your life. It is very important that you learn to read and understand what your body is telling you. If you eat something that sends you to the bathroom than you should remember not to eat that item again. You should set a daily routine which helps you know when and where you will eat and use a bathroom each day. Make baby steps in order to accomplish goals for yourself. No one will ever understand what you go through day to day, but you need to make them aware of your current limits. Once youv've gained the support of those close to you, slowly began to try new things that please you and those around you. This will build confidence in you and lead to you being a more outgoing person. You would be surprised at the thing you can do if you restrict your diet and understand your physical limits.Best of luck Stay Strong
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