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So what?Unless you get IBS, say in the last few months, everybody that is a long time IBS sufferer knows that (21 years of trouble). Bubble trigger the pain, yes i know. We are a much lower pressure sensitive than other, we know that. Stress increase the trouble, we know that (for any trouble anyway)....etc.For the pressure it's not really totally true. It's the quantity of air in the balloon that is of importance. If The wall of your colon is not strong ( because of years of suffering) then with the same pressure it get more distended. Because of that, the neuron cells will also be pulled apart more than normal people for the same pressure. Then you feel the pain. This could explain why we are so sensitive (i did not invent, i read it)...but what causes this at the beginning. No one knows. The problem is: could this be reversible?---------------------------------------------------------------------I'm not M.D. What is said is only the opinion of the writer---------------------------------------------------------------------.
1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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