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Young child with IBS??

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Hi, I have a 2 1/2 year old son who I thought had Lactose Intolerance, like me and his great grandma before him, but ever since we have been keeping a diary of foods and limiting milk products, his stomach still hurts. He also has lots of gas, diarreah and sometimes very hard stools. Just wondering if anyone out there has a young child with this and what they are doing. We have gone thru the stool samples and since I haven't heard anything from the dr. I assume that nothing has been found. We go thru a lot of Mylicon with him, moreso than with my infant daughter! When he says his tummy hurts he points to his belly button...and he will say his "butt" hurts which could be constipation...any thoughts out there would be greatly appreciated!Thanks!Heather
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Heather, I don't know if this link has any new information but it may be of some help.
Hi,Yes, kids can get IBS. But, likely, it's food sensitivities.You say 'limiting' dairy has helped. But, have you "ELIMINATED DAIRY" 100%? Read labels. Give that a try for a week. (He won't die of calcium deficiency in 7 days.) And, he may not have symptoms resolve unless he gets NO diary, if he is in fact sensitive.It could be any number of other items. After milk I'd consider eggs, apple juice, (ANY JUICE) citrus, food colorings, additives, sugar, off the top of my head.Another thought. Now with the summer heat, is he getting enough water? He may be dehydrated, causing problems. Be sure he's drinking at leas 5 cups of water a day. Limit the juice for a week.Let me know if any of this helps.
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There is an article in the June Good Housekeeping (I think it's Good Housekeeping) about IBS in children.
Hi Heather:It would be a good idea to call your child's doctor back, in case they have somehow slipped up and forgotten to call you. And then ask the doctor what to do next. He, or she, is the best person qualified to make a diagnosis for your child. Having raised a daughter, I would be concerned that he was pointing to areas of his body and saying that they hurt. In the meantime, we do have a forum here for teens and children with IBS. Several parents have posted over there about very young children with IBS, and you may find some good suggestions there.I hope you find some help soon. Please keep us posted.
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2YOM:To cut to the chase, I would recommend heartily, having been akiddie with GI troubles, having the child examined by a pediatric gastroenterologist. And I stress a PEDs GI who specializes in they gorw sensitivie to the unique symptom experience and expression of children, and their unique needs, not just the special circumstances of pediatric GI pathology.This is important, so as to be sure that one who knows precisely how to rule-out what can be producing these sympotms in a kiddie...and how to interpret the kiddies perception, can be a real help to the whole family.HINT: If the doc is a lady this is a bonus...harder to find but most major medical centers will have a ped GI spec floating about.MNL
Another common allergen/sensitivity is soy products. If you want to try a formula that's both soy and dairy free, I understand there's one available by prescription. If you have trouble finding the name of it let me know and I'll help you.
Follow Jan LEAP RD 's post exacltly as she put it.Another suggestion is that the only liquids you give you son, is water.
No dairy, No fruit/fruit-juice,and no acidic vegies(tomatoes/tomatoe-sauce)!Give him only bland food and of bread & water.See how he go's for a day or two.If he comes good, then you know it's one of the no foods.Then, each day introduce a new food. etc..
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...and if the child has not been seen by a Board Certified Gastroenterologist you must do that too.
It is imperative, and very desireable it be a pediatric GI. There is not enough data available here on the childs history, physical finidings, what tests were done, history or non-history of atopy as well as LI, etc etc to treat the child with dietary therapy exclusively without also making sure that a complete differential diagnosis is done. It is really important and I speak from personal experience, not only from having worked in pediatrics, but having been a kid who started having GI trouble at a young age as well, that did not get to the GI doc soon enough.I cannot stress the importance enough. IF the child IS under the care of a Board certified GI doc who has done a complete differential diagnostsic workup already, then just call me Emily Latella: "Never mind."
Eat well. Think well. Be well.Kiss the ((little guy)) for me as I can project myself easily to what is going on from his side looking out. You would not like it. Poor guy
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