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I understand what you mean. I'm 20, was diagnosed with IBS at 19 and am really just starting to learn what sets me off. I have a boyfriend who I know TRIES to be understanding, but at the same time is in absolute perfect health. At first I tried to cover up when I had to run to the bathroom and say that I felt nauseous and just needed some time to calm down, but that excuse only works so much
. It's important to find a person to be with who can be understanding of a problem that you will have to deal with forever. There are many people out there who are just perfectly healthy, and often people have referred to what I have as an "upset stomach"-- I want to be like, No! It's so much more than that! Just make sure you have supportive friends. I'm in college and have had a hard time with dorm bathrooms, etc, and privacy. I guess it's just always going to be a struggle, but with the right people surrounding you, it is a little bit easier.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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