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you are not the only one!i am 25 and was diagnosed at 21. it is so hard to get to a place of trust with someone where you feel like you can be yourself, and not just in relationships but in friendships too. it's always that same feeling of anxiety and fear that you are not like everyone else in one way or another. but the approach that i have taken is brutal honesty. if i am not honest from the beginning (whenever it's on your mind is a good time to speak up) then i end up experienceing so much more guilt--for imposing on someone that doesn't know the whole situation--and fear--that they will think something is wrong with me. and honestly, if someone told you they had an overactive bladder would you think any less of them? so be strong and honest. deal with your challenges and give the people who care about you a chance to help.the brutal honesty is aggonizing at first, but then you see how person after person still wants to be your friend, and it gets so much easier. don't give up!pennyps is 25 still young? lol
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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