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I'm also 25 and have been stuggling with this almost my whole life. It just got really bad with IBS-C and PAIN PAIN PAIN this past year. I was already married when this got bad, but my hubbie knew all about my tummy troubles when I met him. At least we got the first three years to party like kids. Now I feel like such an adult at 25. Never thought it would come so soon. Like others said, I can't drink, eat out at restaurants without bringing my own food or stay out late at night. I have to believe a lot of this is stress related (just got married, bought a house, teaching and finishing my thesis for my masters) and that it will even out once I get a handle on it all.I'm trying hypno therapy, breathing exercises, my special diet (after months of trying I found one that I really like and I can live with) and contemplating medication (anitdepressants, zelnorm) What are you guys doing? Maybe we should all go out together! We could bring our own food and be tucked in bed by 10 p.m.!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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